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Genohub Rolls out Unlimited NGS Data Storage and Transfer

December 29, 2016

Genohub, the leading platform for finding and ordering sequencing-related services, announced today the release of a full end-to-end solution for NGS data management. Having already changed the way NGS services are traditionally found and ordered, Genohub has set its sights on NGS data storage and transfer, a well known problem amongst researchers.

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Genohub Adds Supports for Bioinformatic Analysis Services

October 24, 2013

The online next-generation sequencing marketplace, Genohub, announced added support for buying and selling bioinformatic analysis services. The new feature aims to simplify next gen sequencing projects by providing a one-stop-shop for researchers.

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Genohub Launches Next Generation Sequencing Marketplace

August 16, 2013

Genohub announced the launch of their online market for next generation sequencing services today. The online service is positioned to completely change the way high throughput sequencing services are ordered, accelerating genomic research by improving access to sequencing services. Genohub’s intelligent sequencing matching engine instantly matches researchers with service providers based on specific project criteria. Genohub facilitates the management of sequencing projects throughout the sequencing lifecycle from selecting orderable sequencing packages, to communication, payments and delivery of data.

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