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Genohub Now Supports Bioinformatic Analysis Services

October 24, 2013

The online genomic next generation sequencing marketplace, Genohub, announced added support for buying and selling bioinformatic analysis services. The new feature aims to simplify next gen sequencing projects by providing a one-stop-shop for researchers.

Austin, TX October 24, 2013 -- Genohub, an online genomic sequencing market, (, announced a new feature to enable researchers and sequencing service providers to buy and sell bioinformatic analysis services in addition to sequencing. For researchers who outsource genomic sequencing, the Genohub market now supports the three required steps of any sequencing project. Library preparation, sequencing, and bioinformatic analysis can now all be found on Genohub, allowing researchers to do more, in less time, in one place.

When researchers visit Genohub they can search for next generation sequencing (NGS) services from providers across the world along with services for library preparation, and now bioinformatic analysis. Researchers can search by entering only a few parameters such as the number of samples to sequence, and the minimum number of reads per sample. Once the search is submitted, Genohub software goes to work and displays the best sequencing and library packages for the researcher, who can then filter results to only display service providers that also offer bioinformatics. When the researcher views details about the package, they are able to see specific bioinformatic services offered by the selected provider and can begin a dialogue to negotiate for the custom service.

Because bioinformatic services offered vary from one provider to the next, researchers are now able to make more informed decisions when selecting a provider for sequencing. Bioinformatic analysis services offered by a provider can sometimes be a major selling factor.

Feedback from NGS providers has also played a major role in shaping the bioinformatics feature on Genohub. Service providers look for new ways to differentiate themselves from competitors on the market by highlighting their unique attributes and offering additional value to researchers. Now providers on Genohub have one more avenue to attract compatible projects by listing bioinformatic services under a host of specific categories, for example, “Genome annotation” or “ChIP-seq analysis”. NGS providers can also opt to list a completely custom service that does not fall under any of these categories.

Genohub offers unique value in the NGS market in that it provides automated service matching between researcher and service provider which is unlike the manual bidding process found in other genomic service listing websites. In addition, Genohub offers the researcher a uniform experience when ordering from any provider across the globe, as Genohub guarantees and enforces project variables such as worst-case turnaround times which researchers have said is important. This dependability is now extended to bioinformatic services which will further shorten the time to completion for next generation sequencing projects.

“Researchers and providers alike have been asking for support for bioinformatic analysis services as an addition to sequencing. Researchers want a full-service, turnkey solution, and service providers want more ways to stand out on the sequencing market. Our customers are the reason we continue to improve Genohub, and we are delighted to simplify and improve their experience with this feature,” said Estevan McCalley, Head of Customer Development (

About Genohub:
Genohub is an online software company based in Austin, TX, that matches global, commercial, and academic service providers who offer the latest technology in genomic sequencing (next generation sequencing), with researchers and clinicians who require this service. Algorithms automate service matchings as well as traditional manual processes like bidding and proposal writing.