About Genohub

Genohub is the easiest and most reliable way to find and order next-gen sequencing services. We connect service providers with researchers and clinicians interested in sequencing, library preparation and bioinformatics services. Genohub takes service information from providers and project specifications from researchers and creates optimal sequencing packages while facilitating the entire order process, from shopping to data delivery.

Our scientists and engineers at Genohub are passionate about high throughput sequencing. We created Genohub after experiencing firsthand the challenges and limitations in ordering sequencing services.

Genohub provides value to next generation sequencing providers and researchers alike by simplifying the procurement and management of sequencing projects. Genohub is disruptive to the sequencing market by offering unique features leading to time and cost savings which are not offered elsewhere in the market:

For providers

Service providers can list regular services and one-time offers with flexible pricing and turnaround times to get runs moving faster. By creating a marketplace that maximizes instrument utilization, providers are able to offer more competitive services, accelerating genomic research and discovery as a whole.

Providers only list services once and Genohub’s automated matching and pricing engine takes care of the rest. Service providers would normally have to manually create a proposal or bid every time a researcher makes an inquiry. This results in countless hours spent creating bids for clients with a low probability of achieving a return on the time invested. With Genohub, a service provider automatically competes for every project with absolutely no effort involved. Once a researcher selects a provider for a project, the provider would receive an email notification, and the provider can then choose to accept the project.

For researchers

Genohub enables researchers to search for providers based on a variety of metrics on the shop by project and shop by technology pages. Providers which offer services that meet the minimum search criteria are instantly displayed and can be sorted by price, turnaround time, output size, and number of reads. The researcher can then select a provider and instantly begin work on the project, saving valuable time and cost.

Genohub's Public Impact

High-throughput sequencing has revolutionized genomic analysis by delivering accurate, fast and inexpensive volumes of sequence data. This has led to an ever increasing demand as sequencing is no longer about just determining the order of DNA bases, but is now being used for determining gene variation, large scale comparative and evolutionary studies and understanding how differences in base composition affect human health and disease. Genohub is accelerating this research by providing a platform that allows sequencing providers and researchers to interact more efficiently.