Through our Shop by Technology engine you only have access to a subset of our NGS listings, i.e. those that have specific per-lane pricing. To find the best service and price we strongly recommend using our main NGS Matching Engine .

Here's you order NGS services on Genohub:
  1. Find a service that matches your needs
  2. Submit your request
  3. Accept a confirmed quote
  4. Ship your samples

All Genohub projects are backed by our Quality Policy and Turnaround Time Guarantee.

Here's how to set the technology filters to the left:
  1. Select what you are looking for (sequencing, library prep, or both).
  2. Select the platform(s) you're interested in.
  3. For sequencing, enter the quantity (e.g. #lanes) and select the instruments and read types you're interested in.
  4. For library prep, enter the number of libraries and select the sample type.

A word about the specs

Coverage, output and read numbers generated below are estimates based on manufacturer specs.