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With Illumina HiSeq X services starting at around $1,500 USD for 30x coverage, researchers can order cost-effective whole genome sequencing services without needing to own a HiSeq X instrument.

Simply click on the search button above and enter the number of samples you’d like to sequence. If you know the sequencing depth or coverage you’d like for each sample, enter that as well. You’ll immediately be given choices based on price and turnaround time. Choose the service that best meets your requirements and then directly communicate with the HiSeq X service provider.

Placing an order on Genohub is completely free and has several benefits. Projects started on Genohub are:

  1. Backed by our Quality Policy
  2. Backed by our Turnaround Time Guarantee
  3. Proactively supervised by our scientific staff

If you need help choosing an Illumina sequencing service, contact us at support@genohub.com or fill out our consultation form and a member of the Genohub scientific staff will assist you.

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HiSeq X Questions & Answers:

What types of samples can be sequenced on the HiSeq X?

Illumina has limited the compatibility of HiSeq X instruments to samples that require whole genome sequencing only. This means that you can’t order HiSeq X services for RNA-Seq, Exome, ChIP-Seq or small RNA-Seq applications. While initially the instrument was only open for use with human samples, Illumina has since expanded this to other species. Plant and animal samples can be sequenced on the HiSeq X.

What library preparation kits are compatible with the HiSeq X Ten platform?

Illumina currently supports the TruSeq Nano DNA and TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Library Preparation Kits. Other DNA library preparation kits may be used if you’re preparing your own library. Please start a project on Genohub using the Search Button above or contact us before preparing your own library. Some providers have barcode sequence limitations that should be discussed if you plan on making your own library.

Can my Whole Genome Bisulfite Seq (WGBS) libraries be sequenced on HiSeq X instruments? What about other applications?

Yes, the HiSeq X may be used to sequence bisulfite treated whole human genome samples. Other applications such as Exome-seq, RNA-seq, Mate-pair, ChIP-Seq, small RNA-seq and Amplicon-seq library construction are currently not compatible with Illumina HiSeq X instruments.

How much coverage or reads per sample can I expect to receive from the HiSeq X?

You can expect at least 30x coverage or approximately 375 million reads per lane by loading one sample per lane. Researchers ordering HiSeq X services on Genohub.com routinely obtain between 32 - 35x coverage per sample per lane. Using more than 1 flow cell lane will increase your coverage. You currently cannot order less than 1 flow cell lane or obtain coverage less than 30x.

How does HiSeq X coverage compare between GC and AT rich regions?

The Hiseq X Ten has slightly better GC coverage than the HiSeq 2500.

What read length do HiSeq X instruments offer?

All runs utilize 2x150 base pair read configurations.

Are dual indices compatible on the HiSeq X instrument?

No, currently only 8 bp single indexed runs are compatible.

What type of Quality Score or bases above Q30 can I expect on the HiSeq X?

Researchers on Genohub routinely obtain >75-80% of bases with Q30 scores.

How should I ship my samples?

Using the search button at the top of the page, click on a project and submit your request. You’ll immediately be able to:

  1. Communicate with the HiSeq X provider
  2. Entering your sample specifications using our sample submission sheet
  3. Examine important sample and library shipping instructions