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With a single relationship you have access to the best NGS providers, the latest instrument technology and our experienced scientific staff. All projects you start using Genohub are covered by our quality and turnaround time guarantees, IP protection, confidentiality and our no-risk, secure payment system.

Here are the reasons our customers routinely use Genohub for getting quotes and handling their NGS projects:

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Access to the latest sequencing instruments

Illumina releases new sequencing instruments and hardware upgrades every other year. Using the latest Illumina sequencing technology can give you up to 40% more reads and reduce project turnaround times by weeks. Most CROs can't update their instruments every year. Genohub's large network of unique service providers ensures that you always have access to the latest high-throughput instruments.

One relationship

A single partnership with Genohub is all that's needed. You receive instant access to our network of vetted NGS service providers, while your organization only has to deal with a single entity for service terms and payments. Most institutions prefer working with one CRO to reduce purchase order paperwork. With Genohub you can do that without limiting your choices.

Faster turnaround times

Working with a large team of partnering service providers, we're able to quickly find open sequencing capacity. This means much faster turnaround times, e.g. 1-2 weeks instead of 3-4 weeks. Our fastest service gives you sequencing data in 3 days.

Quality and turnaround time guaranteed

We actively supervise your projects and help resolve issues that arise. Providers perform better when Genohub has your back and they don't get paid until the project is completed to your satisfaction. We also guarantee turnaround time, if a provider doesn't deliver on time you're eligible for a refund that's up to 25% of the total project amount.

Instant quotations

Use our online interface to get instant project prices and turnaround times. Submit your request online to take advantage of our internal system to quickly find and fill open sequencing capacity. Most formal quotes are available within a couple hours after you submit a request.

Partnering service providers

You know exactly who you're working with. All our academic and commercial partners are carefully selected by our scientific staff and rated by researchers each time a project is complete. While most providers have experience with DNA library preparation and analysis, you may need someone experienced to handle low input RNA-seq projects or specialty applications such as Ribo-seq, Bisulfite-seq and Custom targeted amplicon sequencing. We'll discuss and define your project parameters and then recommend the provider that has the most experience with your application.

Scientific staff with NGS experience

Our scientific staff keeps up to date with the latest library prep and sequencing technology. They are available to help you find the right service for your project and make recommendations when you need them. We offer free scientific consultation to help define your project and are happy to recommend the provider most experienced in your application. We remain proactive until the project is complete and you're satisfied with the deliverables.

Track and manage your projects

Our secure online project management tools allow you and your collaborators to easily accept quotes, track your project, communicate with the provider and share files. All your project-related information is protected by our strict confidentiality policy.

Secure and reliable NGS data storage and transfer

You no longer need to worry about data hand-off and retention policies. Each Genohub project is allocated a private data storage bucket with secure access keys. Genohub project buckets include free unlimited storage and transfer for 3 months, fast, multi-threaded download and upload, with checksums to validate data integrity. It's never been easier to share data with a colleague.

A few of the institutions that use Genohub for NGS services:

General Mills
Heartland Plant Innovations

United States Geological Survey
Australian Institute of Marine Science

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Boston University
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
University of North Carolina

"As always, Genohub has excellent communication and extremely fast response times. I can't imagine using any other service for DNA sequencing."

Dr. Soohong Kim - LivingData Inc.

"Genohub did a very good job in appointing a trustworthy sequencing service to us as well as deciding which sequencing method was best for our scientific goals. Thank you, for the assistance and close follow-up of the project."

Karel Schoonvaere - Ghent University

"Very smooth. Saved our lab considerable amounts of money."

Dr. Nick Parkinson - Systems Biology Laboratory, UK

"This was my first experience with Genohub and I was truly satisfied. I appreciete the well-defined terms and the guarantees about TAT and data, that are provided. Also the proactive supervision of the project by Genohub was very useful."

Dr. Vaclav Gergelits - Institute of Molecular Genetics, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic

"My experience with Genohub was very good. The use of the service is very user-friendly. The communication was very fast and correct. I received my data in only 2 weeks. I asked for some additional information and data and I got everything I needed without problems."

Dr. Katrijn Van Laere - ILVO

"Excellent communication and flexibility. It was very helpful for me to search for WGS facility via Genohub since I was under time pressure and I need to find good and reliable place quick.Anyway, I would do it again for next projects, since this simply makes your work much more smooth and you feel that your precious samples are in best hands."

Dr. Natalia Zietara - Munich University (LMU) Children's Hospital

"Excellent--your group is very responsive!"

Dr. John Hansen - USGS

"Genohub provides a user friendly platform for researchers to connect with service providers, enabling users to quickly find the services they require without needing to deal with a time-consuming quote process."

Kelvin Chan - SeqMatic Inc.