PacBio Revio

Revio is a sequencer released by Pacific Biosciences in October 2022. It is based on Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) Sequencing.

PacBio Revio
Image of Revio: by PacBio


Manufacturer Pacific Biosciences
Technology Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) Sequencing
Release date October 2022
Price [2] $778,000
MSRP as of January 2023
Type Industrial
Weight 465 Kg
Supports real-time analysis No
Demultiplexing support Yes
File format BAM
Read length PacBio Revio: 15000bp to 20000bp
Run time PacBio Revio: 12 to 30 hours
Reagent cost per Gb [1] PacBio Revio: $11.06
Data quality [3] PacBio Revio: 95% Q30+ bases
Maximum output per run (Gb)[4] PacBio Revio: 90.00
Primary error type [5] Indels
Notes about the specifications

  1. Cost per Gb: The cost per Gb is calculated by dividing the costs of sequencing reagents by the manufacturer’s maximum output per run. For these runs, the manufacturer may have included their own controls and used specific library preparation kits. Actual performance may vary based on sample and library type and quality, loading concentration, and other experimental factors. The sequencing reagent costs used for calculations do not include any other costs associated with preparing the samples or running the instrument, including reagents used for extraction, quality control or library preparation, labor, electricity, lab consumables, storage, etc. Performance metrics and prices are subject to change.
  2. Price: The final price may be different depending on the supplier, the region and any discounts provided through bulk orders or negotiation. Other factors that may influence the final price are warranty options, maintenance contracts, possible trade-ins of older instruments, and any financing arrangements chosen.
  3. Data quality: This is the maximum data quality that the instrument can offer based on manufacturer’s specifications and optimizations. The quality of a specific run will depend on multiple factors, including sample quality, sample quantity, library prep protocol, run conditions, etc.
  4. Maximum output: This is the maximum output of a full instrument run. This number is based on manufacturer’s specifications and optimizations.
  5. Primary error type: This is the most common type of error that may occur due to sequencing. Other types of error may occur as well.

More about the PacBio Revio

The PacBio Revio is a high-throughput long-read sequencing system introduced in 2022 and is a notable advancement in next-generation sequencing (NGS) capabilities. Representing a step-change increase in throughput and affordability, the Revio significantly expands the utility of PacBio's core technology – Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing. The Revio targets large-scale projects in the fields of human genetics, plant and animal genomics, microbiology, and transcriptomics. While a successor to the PacBio Sequel IIe, it introduces new chemistries and system designs that offer a substantially different value proposition.

Key Innovations

The Revio's headline-grabbing features are its affordability, speed, and ease of use. Here's how PacBio accomplished those improvements:

  • Higher Density SMRT Cells: The Revio SMRT Cell contains a whopping 25 million zero-mode waveguides (ZMWs), a massive increase from the 8 million ZMWs on the Sequel IIe. This increased density directly fuels the throughput gains for a 15-fold increase in HiFi data compared to the Sequel IIe.
  • Onboard Deep Learning Acceleration: PacBio integrated powerful NVIDIA GPUs directly into the Revio instrument. This enables a 20-fold increase in computing power compared to the PacBio Sequel IIe and results in ultra-fast base calling with their Google DeepConsensus algorithm, keeping pace with the high data output and delivering highly accurate reads (HiFi reads).
  • Workflow Simplification: The Revio features a streamlined workflow with 50% fewer consumables. This includes pre-loaded reagents and an intuitive, user-friendly interface to minimize hands-on time.

Features and Technologies

  • Data Quality: PacBio Revio generates HiFi reads averaging >99.9% accuracy (Q33). These highly accurate reads are crucial for applications like de novo assembly or reliable variant detection. Revio also directly measures DNA methylation without additional library preparation steps.
  • Read Lengths: Revio produces similar long read lengths as previous PacBio instruments, with average read lengths of 15-20kb.
  • Data Output: A single Revio SMRT Cell produces 360 Gb of HiFi data over a 24-hour run time. With the capacity to run four SMRT cells simultaneously, the Revio can generate a staggering 1.4 Tb of data per day.

Intended Uses and Specific Applications

  • Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS): The Revio is positioned to deliver complete, phased human genomes at the $1000 price point, making it ideal for large-scale population studies. The PacBio HiFi Prep Kits are suitable for this application. The HiFi Prep Kit 96 offers high-throughput processing with up to 96 libraries from as little as 2µg DNA input.
  • Transcriptomics: Full-length transcript sequencing (Iso-Seq) remains a strength of the platform, offering insight into alternative splicing and gene isoforms. The Iso-Seq Express Template Prep Kit is suitable here and is specifically for fast and efficient full-length transcript sequencing. With a streamlined workflow, it enables the characterization of complex transcriptomes without the need for short-read RNA-seq data.
  • Plant and Animal Genomics: Revio empowers the accurate assembly and analysis of complex, repetitive, and polyploid plant and animal genomes. The HiFi Prep Kits are again suitable here. Their ability to resolve repeats and phase complex haplotypes are invaluable in these often highly complex genomes.
  • Microbiology: Highly accurate long reads allow for the resolution of complex microbial communities, identification of novel species, and strain-level characterization. For multiplexing smaller numbers of samples with lower inputs, the HiFi Plex Prep Kit 96 is ideal.

Comparison with Competing Instruments

  • PacBio Sequel IIe: Revio is a dramatic improvement over the Sequel IIe with 15x higher throughput, significantly reduced costs, and usability upgrades. Sequel IIe may remain relevant for smaller projects where throughput is less important.
  • Oxford Nanopore GridION: Nanopore's instruments offer real-time sequencing flexibility and lower upfront costs. However, Revio delivers higher basecalling accuracy, which is particularly important for assembly-focused applications.

Special Considerations

The PacBio Revio is a compelling choice for projects requiring highly accurate, long-read data at a previously unattainable scale. Consider it if:

  • You have large-scale sequencing projects: Revio thrives when sample numbers are high.
  • Read accuracy is paramount: Revio's HiFi data is particularly valuable for variant detection or assembly-focused work.
  • Ease-of-use is important: Revio's streamlined workflow is more accessible to labs without extensive sequencing experience.

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This information on this page is up-to-date as of April 5, 2024 and based on the spec sheets published by the manufacturer.