Singular Genomics G4

G4 is a sequencer released by Singular Genomics in April 2022. It is based on Sequencing by Synthesis (SBS).

Singular Genomics G4
Image of G4: by Singular Genomics

G4 is available in the following models:
  • G4 - F2
  • G4 - F3


Manufacturer Singular Genomics
Technology Sequencing by Synthesis (SBS)
Release date April 2022
Price [2] $350,000
MSRP as of release date
Type Benchtop
Weight 158 Kg
Supports real-time analysis Yes
Demultiplexing support Yes
File format FASTQ
Read length Singular Genomics G4 - F2: 2x50bp to 2x150bp
Singular Genomics G4 - F3: 2x25bp to 2x150bp
Run time Singular Genomics G4 - F2: 11 to 19 hours
Singular Genomics G4 - F3: 11 to 24 hours
Reagent cost per Gb [1] Singular Genomics G4 - F2: Unavailable
Singular Genomics G4 - F3: Unavailable
Data quality [3] Singular Genomics G4 - F2: >85% bases ≥ Q30
Singular Genomics G4 - F3: >85% bases ≥ Q30
Maximum output per run (Gb)[4] Singular Genomics G4 - F2: 200.00
Singular Genomics G4 - F3: 400.00
Primary error type [5] Substitutions
Notes about the specifications

  1. Cost per Gb: The cost per Gb is calculated by dividing the costs of sequencing reagents by the manufacturer’s maximum output per run. For these runs, the manufacturer may have included their own controls and used specific library preparation kits. Actual performance may vary based on sample and library type and quality, loading concentration, and other experimental factors. The sequencing reagent costs used for calculations do not include any other costs associated with preparing the samples or running the instrument, including reagents used for extraction, quality control or library preparation, labor, electricity, lab consumables, storage, etc. Performance metrics and prices are subject to change.
  2. Price: The final price may be different depending on the supplier, the region and any discounts provided through bulk orders or negotiation. Other factors that may influence the final price are warranty options, maintenance contracts, possible trade-ins of older instruments, and any financing arrangements chosen.
  3. Data quality: This is the maximum data quality that the instrument can offer based on manufacturer’s specifications and optimizations. The quality of a specific run will depend on multiple factors, including sample quality, sample quantity, library prep protocol, run conditions, etc.
  4. Maximum output: This is the maximum output of a full instrument run. This number is based on manufacturer’s specifications and optimizations.
  5. Primary error type: This is the most common type of error that may occur due to sequencing. Other types of error may occur as well.

More about the G4

The Singular Genomics G4 is a benchtop, next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform designed to offer a balance of high throughput, rapid turnaround time, and cost-effectiveness. It was released in 2022 and targets a broad segment of the NGS market, appealing to both smaller research labs and larger facilities seeking flexible sequencing options.

Key Innovations

The G4 introduces several key innovations that differentiate it from previous benchtop sequencers:

  • Scalable Throughput: The G4 offers four independent flow cells, allowing users to run anywhere from one to four flow cells simultaneously. This flexibility enables labs to match sequencing capacity to their specific needs, reducing costs and improving turnaround times.
  • Sequencing Chemistry: The G4 employs a proprietary sequencing-by-synthesis (SBS) 4-color chemistry with innovative nucleotide analogs and enzymes. This chemistry reportedly delivers high base calling accuracy (>Q30 for over 85% of bases) and supports read lengths up to 150 bp base pairs.
  • Streamlined Workflow: The G4 integrates with existing NGS workflows, utilizing standard library preparation protocols and generating FASTQ files compatible with common bioinformatics pipelines.

Features and Technologies

  • High-Performance Chemistry: The G4 leverages novel sequencing chemistry, optimized for accuracy, speed, and paired-end reads. This chemistry enables high-quality data generation across a wide range of applications.
  • Flow Cell Design: The G4 uses independent, disposable flow cells with high-density patterned arrays. This design maximizes sequencing throughput while enabling flexible run configurations.
  • Data Output and Quality: The G4 generates up to 1.6 billion reads per flow cell, totaling up to 6.4 billion reads across all four flow cells in a single run. The data quality is comparable to other high-throughput benchtop sequencers.

Intended Uses and Specific Applications

The G4 supports a broad range of NGS applications, including:

  • Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS): The G4's high throughput and long read capabilities make it suitable for both microbial and small eukaryotic WGS. Roche KAPA DNA Library Preparation Kits are compatible with the G4.
  • Whole Exome Sequencing (WES): The G4 can efficiently sequence exomes for variant discovery and genetic analysis. Agilent SureSelect Target Enrichment reagents are compatible with the G4.
  • RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq): The G4 supports transcriptome profiling, gene expression analysis, and other RNA-seq applications. QIAseq kits for RNA library preparation are compatible with the G4.

Comparison with Competing Instruments

  • Illumina NextSeq 1000/2000: The NextSeq 1000/2000 offers more data output at higher accuracy with similar read lengths, but the G4 can offer shorter run times and shorter read lengths for the projects where long read lengths are not necessary.
  • Element Biosciences AVITI: The AVITI boasts a lower upfront cost, longer paired-end read lengths, and higher accuracy, but the G4 can offer much shorter run times and similar output combined with the flexibility of 4 flow cells and 2 different types of sequencing kits (F2 vs. F3).

Special Considerations

The G4 may be particularly well-suited for labs that:

  • Require flexible sequencing capacity to accommodate varying sample volumes and project needs.
  • Prioritize rapid turnaround times for time-sensitive research.
  • Seek a cost-effective sequencing solution with high data quality.

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This information on this page is up-to-date as of May 13, 2024 and based on the spec sheets published by the manufacturer.