Genohub for Academic and Commercial NGS Providers

Genohub is a one-stop shop for next-generation sequencing services. Researchers come to Genohub as a central marketplace to find NGS services or to receive expert consultation about their projects. As a service provider you list your services on Genohub so they can be found and ordered by researchers, either through our online NGS project matching engine or direct referral by Genohub staff. In a nutshell, here's how Genohub works:

1. Client finds your services on Genohub
2. Client submits a project
3. Review and approve the project
4. Proceed with work as usual
5. Receive guaranteed payment by Genohub

You can also use Genohub's tools to start projects and send quotes to clients that you already have a prior relationship with - free of charge.

To apply to become a provider on Genohub, contact us at

"Genohub provides a user friendly platform for researchers to connect with service providers, enabling users to quickly find the services they require without needing to deal with a time consuming quote process. For providers, Genohub provides powerful tools to manage projects and services as well as offering a simple platform for payment."

Kelvin Chan, Development Scientist - SeqMatic Inc.

How can Genohub benefit your facility?

Take on more projects and improve instrument utilization

Let your services be discovered by a large number of researchers around the globe. List your sequencing, library preparation and bioinformatics service details only once and your services will be presented to clients through our popular NGS matching engine.

Spend less time generating quotes and responding to inquiries

Genohub takes care of matching only the right projects with your services so when you receive a project you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a serious client. Our experienced science staff offers complimentary consultation to researchers to help them choose the right sequencing platform and output.

Use a trusted platform to work with new and diverse clients

Accept projects from around the world and get paid on time. As a trusted intermediary we take care of collecting payments from clients, so you’ll only be dealing with us. We are based in Austin, USA and can handle payments with many different countries. After you accept an incoming project we quickly verify the client and take care of the payment paperwork. We then give the client the green light to ship their samples. As the project intermediary, we also offer help and support if there are technical issues or disputes.

How much does it cost?

Listing your services on Genohub is free. We charge a small service fee on each project that you accept through Genohub. Researchers pay us exactly what you indicate as your service prices. When the project is complete, we pay you the total price of the project minus the service fee. The use of our site and consultation services are completely free to researchers. We'll get in touch with you regarding the pricing information as soon as you create a provider account.

How do I communicate with clients?

Once a client submits a project you can directly communicate with the client through the messaging interface on the project page. You can also call them if the client prefers.

You can also initiate communication and start projects for clients using Genohub's project management tools. These tools are even available for use with your own client base.

Can I use Genohub to start and send a quote for non-sequencing related services?

Yes, your quote can include any service you’d like (e.g. sample preparation, microarray, data analysis, microscopy, etc.) and doesn’t necessarily have to relate to sequencing.

How do I differentiate my services on Genohub?

From our experience, researchers look at the following factors when choosing an NGS provider:

  1. The facility information in your provider profile, such as certifications, publications, etc.
  2. Availability of bioinformatics services offered by your institution. We strongly encourage you to list any such bioinformatics services on Genohub.
  3. Your quality guarantees.
  4. Turnaround time: We require that you specify a maximum turnaround time for each service. When you receive a project you can provide a more accurate estimate to the client.
  5. Proximity: Some clients may prefer to choose providers in the same state, country or continent.

Do I have control over what projects I accept?

Yes, absolutely. You can choose to accept or reject any incoming project. You can also activate or deactivate any of your services at any time. You have full control over your services and projects.

I'm too busy. Can you help me list my services?

Yes, we'd be happy to help with that. Just email your service and pricing information to

Can I use Genohub to start and send quotes to researchers that I already have a relationship with?

Yes, you can use Genohub's project management and quotation tools for free with your own clients or internally at your own institution.

Here are a few of the NGS providers who are using Genohub to connect with researchers:

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To apply to become a provider on Genohub, contact us at